Cafe - Bar - Beach Bar in Andros, enjoy unique moments

Cafe - Bar - Beach Bar in Andros is having fun and enjoying every minute of the holidays and it is very important for everyone! For this reason, the residents of the island create special spaces that accommodate wonderful moments of relaxation or memorable late-night parties. Andros offers great choices for coffee throughout the day and a unique menu of drinks and cocktails for evening outings. The wide variety of spaces on the island of Andros covers every mood, preference and appetite, and satisfies all age groups of residents or visitors.
Cafe - Bar - Beach Bar in AndrosAndros is an island that perfectly combines moments of relaxation with uplifting rhythms. Visitors may choose both ways of spending their time on the island or may prefer to spend quietly their day and party during the late-night hours. The choices are broad and cover all needs, making it easy for everyone to find the perfect place that suits their mood at any time of the day. Although the range of choices is wide, there are some things that remain the same among every café or bar in Andros. Great hospitality, as well as the love and enthusiasm for life, will make any visitor’s stay unforgettable.

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