A journey to gastronomy in Andros Island

Gastronomy in Andros or... tradition tastes good! Recipes that have endured time but also dishes full of contemporary gastronomic art give their performance at the tables of CTN ANDROS’ member restaurants. The scents fill the island's picturesque streets and lead the way for the tastiest experience. All of the member restaurants of the network, each with its character, create a variety of versions of Greek Mediterranean cuisine, covering all needs and satisfying the different tastes of all visitors.

Gastronomy in AndrosWith care and respect for the island, CTN ANDROS's restaurants support tradition and local producers by giving priority to genuine local products. Gaining inspiration from modern trends in the field of gastronomy, the menu of each restaurant is generated in the line between tradition and the style of the current season, in harmony with the present needs of Greek and foreign visitors.

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