Beaches of Andros, beauty and crystal clear waters

Beaches of AndrosThe beaches of Andros are an essential reason for you to visit the island. Andros has a coastline of 176 km as the second largest island of the Cyclades. The beaches of Andros meet all the needs and wishes of visitors. There is one for each and everyone because of its diverse coastal zone. There are several beaches on the island. And when we say several we mean over eighty. Sandy, rocky, deserted, organised, easily accessible, with sunbeds and beach bars, inaccessible through easy or "difficult" roads. Shallow like swimming pools, ideal for family vacations and "adventurous" with crystal clear blue waters.

12 unique beaches in Andros

The beaches in Andros are truly inexhaustible. Here you can find 12 selected beaches that will remain unforgettable, each for its reason. Choose amongst the family beaches of Kypri, Batsi and Neimporio or the special Grias Pidima, Achla, Zorkos, Ateni, Paraporti and Fellos. If you want to combine swimming with fun, head to St. Peter's, Golden Sand or Piso Gialia.

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