Fresco Juice & Salad Bar

Fresco Juice & Salad Bar can be found in Chora of Andros and will offer you great tasting experiences. The owners of the bar are very knowledgeable about healthy eating, combining it with deliciousness and variety.

Fresco Juice & Salad Bar – Menu

Fresco Juice & Salad Bar

At Fresco Juice & Salad Bar you will find excellent breakfast suggestions of Energy Bowls with fresh fruits and nuts. The Choco Boom is a customer favorite, so don’t forget to give it a try. Of course, the delicious Energy Bowls can also be made however you like, if you have a particular preference for a particular ingredient.

Also, it’s worth trying the delicious smoothies & wraps! The bar also offers several dishes for vegetarians and vegans, in case you have given up meat in your life. Apart from the above, you will also find very tasty sandwiches, soups, and toast. It is worth trying the wide selection of teas, and the excellent coffee blend.



Our Address:

Χώρα, Άνδρος


37.838308896751, 24.938605674726