The monasteries of Andros Island and their religious history

The respectable Monasteries of Andros make it one of the most important pilgrimage destinations in Greece. The island has a long and significant religious history and tradition. Spiritualism always guided the people of Andros. Most of the Monasteries date from the Byzantine era, up to the last years of the Ottoman Empire. With persistent and often painful efforts, the monasteries of Andros have endured over time, and some of them have been restored relatively recently. It is of great interest that visiting the monasteries travels you through time and history.

The miraculous Monasteries of Andros Island

Monasteries of Andros IslandPilgrims talk about many miracles, others are well-known, and others not. The monasteries of the island have become popular and attract many visitors from all over the world. They preserve remarkable artefacts and exceptional sacred bones of Christianity and Orthodox belief. Among others, the icons of Saint Marina and the representation of the Virgin Mary's work by Evangelist Luke. They protect Sacred bones such as Saint Nicolas the Hierarch, the skull of St. Panteleimon and part of the cranium of St. Joseph of Arimathea.

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