About CTN Andros

CTN Andros

The CYCLADIC TOURISM NETWORK OF ANDROS is a business network, which consists of local enterprises that operate in the sectors of hospitality, gastronomy and leisure activities in Andros island. The composition and operation of CTN ANDROS aim to provide a comprehensive travel experience for all age groups. By demonstrating the island’s tradition and displaying all aspects of its character at a cultural, social and educational level, CTN ANDROS responds and serves the sensitivities, preferences and needs of the visitors, regardless of the starting point of their journey.

The collective effort of the network’s members is the vehicle to elevate the extensive array of experiences that the island has to offer. The leverage and capitalisation of the existing services and the creation of new opportunities, with the effort and cooperation of the people of CTN ANDROS, achieve a qualitative upgrade of the visitor’s experience.

The goal of CTN Andros

The ultimate goal of CTN ANDROS is to promote its members and to empower the island’s footprint in the global tourism market. CTN ANDROS commits to facilitate and support local businesses as well as encourage a holistic effort of establishing Andros as one of the top touristic destinations worldwide.

Having as raw materials the island’s pure fresh air, the view of the sea, the fantastic colours of the four seasons, the rich cultural tradition, the warm hospitality of the locals, the flavours, the scents and the local products. Andros could picture an ideal destination for each one of you.

374 km2 dipped in deep blue and bathed by the Greek sun all year long, with paths, waters, and breath-taking vistas that accomplish nothing else but to fascinate, fulfil all the conditions that can give birth to a story that you will remember forever.

One island, one story, and you.

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