Sea Satin Nino

Sea Satin Nino at Korthi Bay

Sea Satin NinoThe Sea Satin Nino brilliantly combines traditional vibes with elements of modern aesthetics. All interior and exterior spaces, instantly fascinating to the eye, are ideal for couples, families or groups of friends. With its chic architectural style and vast gastronomic choices, Sea Satin Nino offers the right conditions for the most relaxing and pleasant experience.

The cozy environment of Sea Satin Nino restaurant, stretching out to the beautiful square of Korthi bay, just a few meters from the sea, makes the visitor feel as if sitting at the backyard of a local house.

Sea Satin NinoThe gastronomic journey that guests are invited to take part in, includes a carefully crafted combination of traditional Greek cuisine with gourmet elements. A combination that awakens the imagination and appetite.

All dishes offered at the Sea Satin Nino restaurant, are characterized by the pure quality of their ingredients as well as by exceptional food-styling aesthetics.