Attractions in Andros, all that you have to see

Attractions in AndrosThe attractions in Andros are remarkably significant and attracts thousands of visitors to the island. The island counts many museums, castles, towers, lighthouses and monuments of exceptional beauty and historical value. It even has a cave! Attractions in Andros spread throughout the island. A long drive will prove this. Each one of them has its own story. Other short but significant and other stories and legends lost back in time. Stories worth listening to when you visit them.

Some of the most important attractions in Andros

Attractions in AndrosSome of the major attractions in Andros are the museums. The island has two exceptionally archaeological museums. The one of Chora, the capital of Andros and Paleopolis, the ancient capital of the island. The famous Museum of Contemporary Art is hosting world art exhibitions. The Kydonieos Foundation, which focuses on visual arts, plastic arts, music, theatre, literature and dance. The Kairios library with more than 85,000 titles of rare old and rare editions. It also has the Cyclades Olive Museum, representative sample of animal-powered olive oil production technology.
Attractions in Andros In Andros, there is Strofilas, the most ancient city in Europe dating back to 4,500 BC and the Castle of Faneromeni, the most extensive medieval town of Andros. St. Peter's Tower, one of the best preserved in the Cyclades, and the Cave of Foros one of the first ones discovered in Greece. The Unknown Sailor statue, work of Michael Tobros in honour of seamen not returned to Andros. The Tourlitis Lighthouse unique in Europe, built on a rock in the sea and the first automatic in Greece, the island's trademark.

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