Pastry shops in Andros, a sweet journey to Island's tradition

Pastry shops in Andros are famous for its sweets. The sweet relationship of the people of Andros, results in several pastry shops abounding all over the island, "rivalling" one another in taste. The art has its roots in great confectioners from Constantinople and Alexandria. Beside them, the Andros confectioners learned the art before opening their patisserie.

Some of Andros's famous sweets

Pastry shops in AndrosAndros has a great tradition in spoon sweets, and the reason is the abundance of citrus trees on the island. Lemon, rolled neratzi, bergamot, babiloni and frapa. Also known are karydaki, kydoni, grape, sour cherry and rose also known as rodozachari. The classic sweet of Andros, "Amygraloto", is made from sugar and almond. Caltsunia, which look like the "Amygraloto", is made of walnut, pine nut and honey.
"Pastitsakia" are fluffy sweet with almond, egg and sugar, and "Soumada", the refreshing drink of bitter almond, usually served both at weddings. "Nugatines", is a sweet with meringue and fluffy pastry cream.

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