Contemporary Art Museum in Andros

Contemporary Art Museum in Andros

Contemporary Art Museum in AndrosThe Contemporary Art Museum in Andros is the compass of the artistic activities of the island since 1979. Vassilis and Elisa Goulandris Foundation establish it on 28 July 1979 in Andros. The need for housing and presenting sculptures that Michael Tombros bequeathed to his birthplace created the Contemporary Art Museum. Gradually the museum enriched its regular collection, with works from the personal collection of its founders. The Museum aims to offer its creative proposal to modern visual arts. As a result, it stands out in the art events worldwide and contributes to the promotion of Greek and international modern and contemporary art to the public.

Contemporary Art Museum in Andros

The building that houses the Contemporary Art Museum was a design by the architect Stamos Papadakis with Paris Frangoulis as the civil engineer,  under the supervision of Pantelis Karadontis. Due to the positive impact, increasing attendance and interest the need to expand the museum is necessary. In 1986 the new wing of the Museum opened opposite to the old one, designed by the architect Christos Kontovounisios. The exterior spaces of the museum respect the natural and architectural landscape, highlighting it as a work of art. Stone and marble in harmony with the islands characteristics.

Journey through time by the Contemporary Art Museum

Contemporary Art Museum in AndrosVassilis and Elisa Goulandris desired that the Contemporary Art Museum meet the requirements for the organisation of international exhibitions. Be well-equipped with the most modern museum infrastructure. Since then the Contemporary Art Museum has hosted world-class exhibitions by renowned Greek and international artists.

Contemporary Art Museum in AndrosThe international journey starts in 1987 where the new wing of the museum hosts Pablo Picasso, Henri Cartier-Bresson and Frank Kupka artists who marked the twentieth century. Furthermore outstanding international artists works passed through Andros island like Henri Matisse, Wassily Kandinsky, Alberto Giacometti. Paul Klee, Chagall, Giorgio de Chirico, Toulouse-Lautrec, Joan Miró and many others.

Finally famous Greeks like George Bouzianis, Dimitris Galanis, Odysseus Elytis, Panagiotis Tetsis. Ioannis Moralis, Nikos Hadjikyriakos – Gikas, Sophia Vari, George Zongolopoulos and Nikos Engonopoulos.

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