Micra Anglia

Micra Anglia Boutique Hotel

Micra AngliaThe Boutique Hotel Micra Anglia, located in Andros Town carries the aura of a time of glorious bloom and aristocratic air. A magnificent neoclassical mansion standing as a historic landmark of the island, and part of the architectural trend that prevailed in the late 19th and early 20th century, following the standards of the respective European mansions, the Boutique Hotel Micra Anglia offers stunning accommodation experiences.

Micra AngliaThe romance and nostalgia of an era characterised by splendour and elegance are the two elements that decorate the oak floors, the marble and stone details of the five-star boutique hotel and embrace the modern comforts of today.

The discreet luxury that Micra Anglia’s guests get the chance to enjoy is evident in its spacious and cosy rooms, ranging from double and triple attics, standard double and triple rooms, Nautilo and Ostria suites and the Master suite.

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