VLM Travel office in Andros can offer you a wide variety of activities on the noble island of the Cyclades. Accommodation, one-day tours, and excursions. Hiking and mountaineering. Sights, monasteries, and museums visiting. Finally, you can explore the amazing landscapes and wonderful beaches of the island on off-road excursions.

With VLM Travel experience, your vacation on the island will be unforgettable! Discover villages and the first capital of Andros, Paleopolis, the spring of Menita, and the forest of Karydia. Explore the waterfalls of Pythara and visit the museum Monastery of Agia Irini.

Finally, the capital of the Lady of the Aegean, the beautiful Chora. Follow the path to Sariza spring, the small waterfalls of Pythara, and Gialia beach. A great hiking experience for you! Browse villages and explore the beautiful and amazing nature of Andros. Castle houses and watermills will take you back in time. The living history of Andros and its nature before your eyes.

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