St. Peter's beach

St. Peter’s beach… one kilometre of sand

St. Peter's beachSt. Peter’s beach is the longest beach on the island, almost one kilometre long. It is so vast that even in the days around the 15th of August, when the island is full of people, the beach itself never seems packed and people are not worried about placing their towel. There is room for everyone! Thus, the two essential elements that are supposed to be somewhat contradictory are always retained. St. Peter’s beach is both secluded and cosmopolitan.

St. Peter’s beach is both deserted and full of people who can spread. Where one can admire the ships that enter and leave at the port of Gavrio, but also the small islands bordering immovables somewhere in the background. Its waters are very transparent since the sea is open and its sand is golden. It even looks very much like the sandy beach you find in Golden Sand.

Great in length, great in general

St. Peter's beachSt. Peter’s beach is not only a beach that you will visit to swim, but also a beach that you will just visit. Many prefer it for its beautiful rocks. Others for their ability to walk or run the wave line. In addition, at St. Peter’s you will find one of the most beautiful beach bars of the island. This alone, even if the beach itself lags behind others, would be enough for you to go there.

The Kaliva Beach Bar offers excellent drinks and delicious snacks every day. Good tastes are served in style under the sounds of good music, at a point that offers an unobstructed view.


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