Paraporti Beach

Paraporti beach in Andros

Paraporti Beach lies on the right of the Chora peninsula. It is a long coastline with lots of sand and bushes behind it that offer protection from the sun. In Paraporti beach flows the Great River that runs from the Stavropeda and passes through the villages of Aladinou and Livadia. Paraporti is a deep wild sea, often with winds and tall waves, but it has a fantastic view of Chora. The Tourlitis lighthouse and the unobstructed contact with the endless blue make this beach special. The image of the inland from and the Panachrantou monastery is impressive.

Παραλία Παραπόρτι στην ΆνδροAt the right of Paraporti Beach on the rocks, you will see the chapel of Agios Ermolaos and the heliport of the island. The wind is flailing like the sun, but that’s summer. From Kairi square and the stairs to Theoskepasti Church after about 130 steps you reach the sand! You can also access the beach from the road next to the summer cinema and the high school, and from Livadia under the plane trees and poplars, next to the river is a narrow road of cement. For food, you can visit the homonym tavern just a short distance from the beach.


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