Zosef’s Restaurant for unique flavours

The owner of Zozef restaurant gained inspiration from the island’s tradition as well as the old generations of locals, and re-opened her grandfather’s small coffee shop, turning it into a really unique space, located in the mountainous village of Andros, Pitrofos. A small restaurant that conveys a homey atmosphere and highlights the tradition of Andros, with a beautiful little courtyard, that creates the right conditions for unique experiences.

The personality of Zozef’s owner, filled with the island’s tradition and pure love for this land, unfolding through her musical and gastronomic choices, is the main factor that creates an ideal setting where one can enjoy traditional Greek cuisine. All dishes, which vary according to seasonal production, are the result of local products combined with homemade care. Some of the recipes that are offered in Zozef’s restaurant stand as a trademark for the restaurant and the island itself and are permanently available on the menu.