Soap by Eleni started from a very small spark or stimulus, which the creator has not yet imagined the final result. Eleni – Petsa Kourtesi with respect and passion for soapmaking started this very beautiful, aromatic journey.

As she says, “intensive private soapmaking classes, to marry sensation with know-how. Countless trials (strangely, nothing was wasted). And there’s the first production! Local aromas, wine from local vines, homemade flower water, mint, bergamot, trumpet, lavender, and neroli mixed with cedar, sandalwood, rosewood, and verbena. But something was still missing. The purpose was not complete. The effort had to match a vision and that vision had to be about the needs of the island, which are so numerous and pressing.

So let us clear the hiking trails of Andros! The symbolism is clear.  With every bar of soap you buy, you clean a piece of Andros’ hiking trails. And this is where the excitement begins. We all become one big group, one big team”.