Batsi beach

Batsi beach, the charming one

Charm is the word that comes to mind the first time you see Batsi Beach. Charm is the word that comes to mind of anyone who sees Batsi Beach, even if it continuously sees it, over and over again. Its the houses of the traditional settlement that decorate it. It is also the beach that is full of beauty. Its sandy beach is immense and golden and provokes you for a walk.

There are plenty of trees, and so everyone has their covering. Families find shelter in a place protected from strong winds when needed. The general organisation is perfect, but it does not remove anything from the natural beauty, which ultimately reveals the innate beauty and distinctive charm of this place.

Are we going to the beach?

Batsi beachBatsi beach is vast, and so there is always a place for everyone. You never feel stifled and choked. The waters are very friendly, and the sea is not deep. The children can swim without fear, watching the boats sailing in the open with their parents, making them feel like those children.

You have to pass from Batsi beach once. Once in the morning and once in the evening! You will experience endless hours full of rhythm, melody and summer drinks, as well as one of the best night swims ever had. Batsi Beach is excellent for a dive, the water is friendly, and the water is very bright by the lights that decorate it around.


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