Andros 4 All Seasons Villas & Suites

Andros 4 All Seasons Villas & Suites

The accommodation of Andros 4 All Seasons Villas & Suites was created based on the endless natural beauty of the island of Andros. All luxurious and harmoniously designed, with a unique view and modern amenities, as befits a space that guarantees an unforgettable vacation.  They were configured in four (4) different locations! Combining the Studios & Suites in the traditional of Ormos Korthiou, Suites & Maisonettes in Agios Petros with the endless beach,  the enchanting village in Fallika with the Mountain Retreat Villa and the panoramic view of StoneHouse Villa in Kochylou.


We offer our guests the opportunity to choose their accommodation in combination in all areas, giving them the opportunity to explore the whole of Andros, with only one reservation!

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Ormos Korthiou, Andros


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