Androp Άνδρος

Androp tsipouro is a high-quality distillate that includes the art, tradition, and the land of Andros in every drop. Try it and enjoy its balanced taste and delicate aromas in every drop.

Androp – High-quality distillate

Produced by Andros Distillery Ltd, a vertical grape stems distillation unit ( tsipouro ). It is located in the area of Pitrofos in Central Andros and is a privately owned 6.5-acre site with modern facilities and easy access. Also, the unit follows the latest technology and energy-saving standards. In addition, it uses machines made entirely of pure copper which has patented innovations. Finaly, these make them unique in their kind in terms of the quality of the product produced.


Our Address:

Pitrofos, Andros


37.814361731528, 24.878119352554