Hiking trail 7 | The archaeological site of Zagora and the Panachrantou Monastery

Hiking trail 7 in AndrosHiking trail 7 is a trekking route linking the dry western coastline to the green inland. A path with landscapes crossing the rich biodiversity mountain range of Gerakones. You will find the magnificent natural and agricultural scenery, spectacular views, the archaeological site of Zagora and the Panachrantous monastery. It crosses through the areas of Stavropeda, Aladou, Sasha and Panachrantos Monastery.

Μονοπάτι 7 | Μονοπάτια στην Άνδρο

Useful Information

  • Signage: Hiking trail 7
  • Difficulty: Moderate | Difficult in the small narrow section crossing the ravine near the Monastery.
  • Distance: 6 km
  • Duration: 2 – 2,5 hours
  • Elevation: 240 meters
  • Access: Road from Stavropeda to Korthi in the chapel of Holy Trinity, on the main road.
  • Trail status: Open – Higher vegetation in some places
  • Drinking water – Food: Water at Sasha, Aladou, Panachrantos Monastery.
  • Connection with other trails

Source: androsroutes