Hiking trail 13 | The River of Arni and the beach of Lefka

Hiking trail 13 in AndrosHiking trail 13 is an agricultural route from the hinterland to the northeastern coast of the island alongside the river of Arni. You will find successive ravines, farmyards, impressive rocky formations and the untouched beach of Lefka with the homonymous wetland.

Μονοπάτι 13 | Μονοπάτια στην Άνδρο

Useful Information

  • Signage: Hiking trail 13 | The section from Arni to Remata has been completed. The rest is in progress.
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Distance: 8 km
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Elevation: 100 meters
  • Access: Road to the area of Remata, on the dirt road of the church of Evangelistria or a dirt road to Ateni and Lefka beach. From Arni near the School (coincides with route No11)
  • Trail status: Open –  Steep slope from Arni to Remata.
  • Drinking water – Food: Water in Arni
  • Connection with other trails

Source: androsroutes