Hiking trail 12 | Walking to the highest peak of Andros

Hiking trail 12 in AndrosHiking trail 12 is one of Andros’s most impressive routes. It starts from the mountain village of Vourkoti and ends at the highest peak of the island, Kouvara and the green valley of the Arni. You can enjoy the beautiful views of the ridge and picturesque chapels and the settlement of Arni with its many springs and lush vegetation. Characteristics of a route that crosses areas of valuable biodiversity.

Μονοπάτι 12 | Μονοπάτια στην Άνδρο

Useful Information

  • Signage: Hiking trail 12
  • Difficulty: Moderate | Difficult in a small part from the ridge to Prophet Elias.
  • Distance: 6,9 km
  • Duration: 2 – 2,5 hours
  • Elevation: 630 meters
  • Access: Road to Vourkoti (from Chora or Batsi) to the side of a restaurant or from Arni village in the church of Panagia.
  • Trail status: Open – Higher vegetation in some parts
  • Drinking water – Food: Water in Vourkoti and Arni
  • Connection with other trails
    No2 – No11

Source: androsroutes